The reimagining of House Barlow in Brisbane could certainly be described as an ambitious-transformation. The process all began with the re-organising of the existing double storey house to accommodate for a growing family’s needs.

Alexandra Buchanan Architecture, when tasked with this project looked  at streamlining a rather cluttered plan and, in the process, establishing a strong relationship to the front and rear gardens. The gardens provide a beautiful lush green escape for kids and adults alike. There is plenty of room for the kids to play and plenty of room for hosting dinner parties with a green outlook for the adults.

The cellular nature of the existing layout was mitigated by relocating the kitchen to create an open-plan living arrangement. The Kitchen now becomes the star with a beautiful contrast of black and white feature colours. This colour palette is  supported by the addition of the wooden chairs, which is a nod to the exterior design  being black with wood elements framing the house facade.

The striking hardwood timber screening and balcony to the front façade of the house was introduced to provide the necessary privacy and shading and a defined entrance below. As a result the front façade was transformed, giving House Barlow a new identity.

The sense of openness and light was further reinforced by introducing glazed, floor-to-ceiling doors at each end of the house creating a seamless connection between the front and rear gardens with the house as the intermediary space. This feature is perfect for enjoying nature while keeping the elements out, particularly in summer when the air conditioning is running and in winter when trying to keep the cool air out.

The restrained material palette allowed the client to successfully introduce colour and vibrancy to their new home by beautifully arranged furnishings and art. The simplicity of colour palette, with beautifully curated styling that feature pops of vibrant colour brings together  all the design elements and  this creates a truly sophisticated aesthetic in the home.

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