When I was a boy, I lived on top of Hamilton Hill. Now I am a man and you have the opportunity to do for your family what my Dad did for mine. He bought this award winning English design and I instantly became king of our castle. Solid rendered brick construction with multiple levels for living and playing inside and out, this home is equipped with the coolest laundry chute you will find.

The 1920s house built by the Absen Family was ready for renovation and extension when purchased in October 1970. The rear extension provided multiple picture windows to the view, large family room, additional ensuited bedroom with balcony and improved under cover four car accommodation. A leaking goldfish pond fed a large English Plain tree that remains a feature of the landscaping. I had my own attic bedroom in a small section of roof space only accessible then by ships ladder style stairs. Today the whole of the roof space comprises the largest attic you will find with views from multiple ends. The steep stairs have been replaced by user friendly ones.

Hide and seek is a great game to play in this house because there are so many hiding places. The layout of the home provides a multitude of formal and informal spaces. When the Italian Consul and his family came to Brisbane they wanted to live in this house – but only if it had a pool, so a pool was installed. Though the home captures breezes from every direction, air conditioning and ceiling fans have also been selectively installed. Many happy days were spent here and the opportunity for this to continue is yours. Now that you are at the top of your game, you too can be the king of your castle.