Situated in the sprawling rural community of Tallai, on the outer edge of the Gold Coast, lies a home with a unique take on the luxurious Hamptons style and the timeless comfort of the Australian Country aesthetic.

Fontaine by Metricon Homes is an acreage design spanning 600sqm that exemplifies the emerging Australian Hamptons trend, by combining contemporary farmhouse living with the timeless glamour of the Hamptons look. “We’ve seen a dramatic increase in requests for Australian Hamptons and similar designs. It’s easy to see why as it combines our shared love of relaxed outdoor living, entertaining and coastal locations, while adding elements that make the style our own,” says Adrian Popple, Design Director of Metricon Homes.

From the moment you see the property, its unique appearance has instant street appeal, continues Adrian: “We started the design with a vision of white country-style, open truss gables, set against contrasting grey painted James Hardie Linea Weatherboards that create uniform shadow lines. The play of the diagonal and horizontal angles creates an understated richness that has a lasting appeal,” he says.

To ensure the home remained refined, Linea Weatherboard was used across the entire exterior, with details picked out in white continues Adrian: “Elements such as feature mouldings, corner stops, exposed rafters and thick window frames were used to extenuate the coastal look and create consistency with exposed beams inside the home.”

The consistent use of design aspects to tie interior and exterior spaces together is key to the Australian Hamptons look. By creating a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor areas, the home has a light, airy feel which is beautifully executed from the moment you enter the open-plan living, dining and kitchen area. Here, the white ceiling beams and truss are contrasted by James Hardie HardieGroove lining creating textural lines that draw the eye across the space and out to the alfresco area and back garden.

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