Minyama Waters is an exploration of luxury, environment and architecture developed together to create the experience of ‘retreat’.

Minyama Island is without doubt the absolute top end of the luxury deep waterfront market. Internationally recognised for its stunning nautical and environmental attributes, elite architecture and safe harbour access.

When it came to designing a home on this magnificent address there was only one Designer ear marked for the project, Paul Clout – renowned for scrupulously designing coastal homes to best suit the position, landscape, environment and climate down to every fine detail and further. Having gratified the absolute top end of the luxury coastal market along the eastern coastline, their exposure to some of our most remote, exposed and breathtaking positions have resulted in a wealth of knowledge unsurpassed in catering to our tropical climate.

There is a distinct understated elegance to the residence and you get the sense that it will never date due to the classic design aesthetic. No more evident by the decision to build a home on a portion of the block leaving room for the full size grass tennis court. Of course the strategic positioning was to allow for the potential to further develop the site to dual living or extend on the current residence.

Sprawled out across one level, the interior opens up into a broad light filled hallway drawing you towards the waterfront. The entire home seems to wrap around the centrally appointed plunge pool, purposefully appointed for seclusion and privacy. This also feeds the internal water feature at the homes foyer โ€“ acting as the homes natural spring.

In detail, there are three bedrooms, a full size home office, four bathrooms (one outdoors) and an additional powder room, all showcasing the highest level of quality and individuality. It is the connection to the outdoors that really pays homage to the term โ€˜owners retreatโ€™, and here perched along the riverside with additional courtyard access you have just that. Luxury resort style at your fingertips.

The everyday household functions of sleeping, eating, playing, entertaining, studying working, lounging, socializing, are possible independently and individually all at the same time. This is a residence that will appeal to those with a focus on the finer things in life, marrying relaxed luxury and style with practicality and lifestyle.

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