This gorgeous, sprawling single-story property in Wongawallan is a nature lover’s paradise, with its expansive views of the surrounding Australian greenery and beautiful, high location tucked into the side of a tree-covered mountain.  The residence located on this peaceful site has been crafted to the highest standard, both inside and out. The secluded masterpiece features luxurious living spaces, grand bedrooms, sweeping verandas and a magnificent alfresco in the heart of the home; no expense has been spared in the spacious, modern, well thought-out accommodation on offer at this superior address.

Nestled in the well-kept greenery of its surroundings, this property offers easy access through wide, paved paths that lead up to either side of the house. A top-class air-conditioning system and the flat, white rooves offer smart insulation against the Australian sun. The building’s interior rooms are spacious, modern, and beautifully-suited to its natural surroundings, and most of these rooms feature wide, collapsable doors and windows that smoothly integrate the house and its outdoor spaces; merging them into one expansive space. The house features sophisticated concrete-tile floors and black window frames that contrast trendily with the classic white walls. The building emits a look that is sharp and exquisitely modern, while simultaneously perfectly suited to family-living and luxurious comfortability.

There is also a spa pool, a large sheltered outdoor space that is perfect for entertaining guests or leisurely afternoons spent out in the open air in nature’s presence, and plenty of garage and storage space.

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