Designed by architect Shaun Lockyer, this tranquil home on acreage in Chandler is aptly named The Long House. The site afforded Lockyer the luxury of creating an elongated, linear floor plan that stretches out across the east-west axis to take advantage of the north-eastern exposure.

To further capitalise on the space available, and create a fluidity inside and out, Lockyer created an outdoor room defined by white brick ‘ha-ha’ walls; a ha-ha being a recessed landscape design element that creates a vertical barrier whilst still preserving uninterrupted views of the area beyond. Combined with some full-height walls featuring large circular apertures, the design of this outdoor room adds depth and intrigue to the property without inhibiting the flow of space and light.

The white brickwork, which defines the entire ground floor, also serves to create the mid-century modern look that the owners liked. “The clients were interested in mid-century modern work, referencing white painted brick specifically, but they also wanted to contextualise the house in the sub-tropics,” Lockyer said. “To this end, we proposed a mix of simple modern forms with some playful combinations of simple, timeless materials. We chose a random selection of bricks from PGH Bricks and had them painted.” Although the use of brick was initiated by the owners to reference a mid-century modern look, this complimented the local vernacular, which is overwhelmingly brick veneer construction. Lockyer adds that as brick is renowned for its robust nature and longevity -capable of withstanding the harshest of weather -it is perfect for a home in the sub-tropics.

Painted white, the brickwork provides a fresh, bright contrast to the timber and dark cladding above; a striking juxtaposition that continues inside with crisp, white ceilings and walls setting the backdrop for charcoal cabinetry and spectacular mosaic cladding in the kitchen and bathroom. “I think this house is a great example of simple done well”, Lockyer said. “The only challenges were to do with planning, title and some technical issues regarding the drainage and foundations. However, these were overcome very early on in the process and the builders, M2 Construct, did a fantastic job, completing the project on time and on budget. Architecturally, this project represents a great example of how with relatively limited means, something interesting can be achieved,” he adds.“The restraint of architectural form and minimal palette offered constraints that made for a better final outcome and we were lucky to have clients who valued the principle of quality over quantity and moved forward with this idea.”

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