The Australian Real Estate Conference (AREC) on the Gold Coast at the weekend had a star studded line up of speakers for its 25th anniversary event.

As well as an opening address by American actor Reese Witherspoon, Day 1 featured a GOAT Panel hosted by event organiser and real estate trainer Tom Panos, and including number one agent in Australia Alexander Phillips, James Tostevin and Marcus Chiminello, and leader Adelaide agency owner Phil Harris. The five agree that prospecting wtih high quality skills is where the magic happens.

Phil Harris emphasised the importance of fitness as a gateway to success. “If you feel better, you have better mental health. It’s hard enough as it is.” He also said, “There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Just do it better. Being different is not necessarily better.” He advocates starting the day early with a clear head.

Alexander Phillips says good open homes are key. “Potential buyers and vendors come through to see how you are. That’s where relationships are built,” he said. Alex also does a market forecast twice a year, making phone calls to deliver the news. He also sends letters to reach old school owners who are not active in the market. “You have to play the long game. You have to love it.”

Marcus Chiminello has built his business on reputation focusing his energy on the high end, with less volume. His best year has been over $5 million GCI (gross commission income). Marcus believes in creating advocates who recommend him. “People are always talking about real estate. If I have 3000 in my database, there are six that matter.” Chiminello stays close to the opinion leaders in his network who let others know about him and create referrals. He also notes that, “Younger agents who don’t make it are looking for instant gratification.”

James Tostevin is big on personal contact, especially phone calls. He also blocks out periods of time to spend on the phone, making hundreds of phone calls a week. “If you are not making 100 phone calls a week, you are not serious about real estate,” he said. “There is nothing worse than having unfulfilled potential. There are a lot of lazy real estate agents,” he said.

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